How would Canton Nation Forums be better than elected assemblies?

There are three ways where the representation by chosen Canton Nation Champions is an improvement over elected representatives, and by elected representatives I include the US Congress, state assemblies, county boards, municipal councils, and all similar bodies. 

The first improvement is that the structure of Canton Nation Forums distributes power very effectively to the individual members of society. Membership in a canton is for a single year, but in an ideal setting, an individual member could register dissatisfaction even earlier if the process of switching cantons was done in a way that a person could initiate the change transaction long before the actual date it will take place. 

Let’s say that all canton switching must be finalized by June 30. In an ideal situation, members could, at any time in the year, set up the change to another canton to take place the following June 30, letting their current canton know of their dissatisfaction. A noticeable swing in membership in this way could alert the canton organization in real time that they need to reconsider what they are doing, or lose members for the following year. This provides real and very timely accountability.

By contrast, you can write your congressman, receiving a nice reply eventually, a form letter saying why you are wrong and they are right. Then you can threaten to vote in two years for the opposition, knowing that you would never vote for the one and only other party available to you. Your congressman knows you are trapped, and acts accordingly. They will spend a bundle come election season, saying all the right things (mostly lies) to get the votes they need.

Another advantage to the Canton Nation Forum is that your taxes go only where you want them to, not on things the elected representatives have agreed to spend them on after “tough negotiations” (compromises).

The purpose of forums is to provide necessary services at the proper level, for the right price. With cantons in competition with each other for members, getting you the services you want at the right price is the only winning strategy for them. Getting rid of unnecessary services, or services that should be done at another level (say by a municipality rather than a county), or that are more costly than necessary, is a plus for everyone. Providing services in a competitive market means they can lower taxes, putting more money back into the market economy where jobs get created.