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What is Canton Nation?

What is Canton Nation? Canton Nation is a new form of representative government, without elections, enabling all people to always be represented, and significantly reducing the power of special interests.

During the American War of Independence from England, one of the most common rallying cries was “No taxation without representation!” Our style of self-rule has always been based on the pattern of elections of representatives, who made decisions on our behalf by majority rule. This site proposes another way to have governance by representation, one that requires no elections, and that does not determine what gets done by majority rule. I propose, therefore, a new rallying cry for better self-government: Better Representation WITHOUT Elections!

Article 1 of the US Constitution established the House of Representatives. In the pre-internet world, elections were seen as the most just way of selecting representatives. And in a nation of far greater homogeneity than exists today, majority rule served the purpose.

  • in the post internet world, elections are no longer the most just way to select representatives
  • in a far more diverse national scene, two parties and majority rule (with its inherent compromises) are no longer serving the people, but serve special interests first

Does your elected Representative represent YOU? Not likely.

  • Since there are only two parties, you have to shoehorn your values into one or the other
  • Congressional districts are gerrymandered, engineered for advancing political careers
  • if your candidate loses, you and your values are not represented
  • even if your candidate wins, he really represents the special interests that paid for his win

As of July 2020, the US National Debt is 26 TRILLION dollars, and growing. Each taxpayer owes over $200,000. YOUR representatives did this to you. Do you still think they represent YOUR interests?

Two paths forward (and you must choose):

  1. Majority rule, winner-take-all, two-party system (the status quo), where each battle is for total control of the massive national government that favors either the left or the right. Perpetual warfare leading to tyranny. How to get there: just keep doing what we are doing.
  2. — OR — A revitalized federalism, where power devolves away from the massive national government to subsidiary territories (not necessarily the states). How to get there: replace the House of Representatives with a Canton Forum, where members are chosen (not elected), every individual (not special interests) is truly and always represented, and taxes are spent, not by majority rule, but by coalitions of the willing.

You will be encountering on this site several new concepts: canton, forum, and champion. It will all make sense in short order.

In a Canton Forum, everyone is truly and always represented

  • composed of multiple cantons, representing the true political diversity that exists now and in the future
  • each individual choses the canton best aligned with their values
  • the canton Champion (the individual functioning as your representative) spends ONLY the taxes of those individuals he represents, because they chose him specifically to do so
  • the Champions together make up the Canton Forum, replacing the House of Representatives
  • they do not spend according to majority rule, but as coalitions of the willing
  • your choice for a canton lasts a single year
  • with the right technology, you could initiate the change of cantons at any time, thus registering dissatisfaction with how your current Champion is doing his job