In 2011 I self-published a very short book called “If Not Democracy“.

In October 2010, I flew to Hollywood for the first annual Libertopia, and spoke there. Here is the recording. At that time I had the general idea of “canton”, but was still not sure where to go with it. I was using the concept called “government-by-contract”, thinking that the way to implement cantons was via two contracts, one between the person and his chosen canton, the second between the various cantons within a territory. I came to the conclusion this second contract was not strictly necessary, and came up much later (about 10 years later!) with the concept called the “canton forum” as a replacement for any representative elected body.

Libertopia 2010 – Government by Contract – 2010-10-17

Subsequent to my speech at Libertopia 2010, I got a call from Doug McKenty. He had a program on public radio station KZYX in Mendicino County, California. I ended up doing an hour interview with him.

Thursday Morning Report – KZYX – Doug McKenty – 2010-12-30